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    Food Cart is a food ordering system for restaurants. Using Food Cart you can manage dishes categories,dishes, orders, customers etc. By default Stripe is integrated. 100% mobile responsive design.

    Demo frontend

    1. http://codebases.com/foodcart

    Administrator login

    1. http://codebases.com/foodcart/admin
    2. Email – admin@admin.com
    3. Password – 123456

    Customer login

    1. http://codebases.com/foodcart/login
    2. Email – john@customer.com
    3. Password – 123456


    1. 100% responsive design
    2. 3 menu layout
    3. Single page checkout
    4. Customer account
    5. Table booking
    6. Orders management
    7. Stripe payment gateway integrated
    8. Blog
    9. FAQs
    10. CMS & SEO management
    11. Customers management
    12. Language translation available
    13. Email order notification
    14. Admin users management
    15. Easily customization
    16. Made with security in mind
    17. Well documented code

    Upcoming features

    1. SMS alert for administrator and customers
    2. Custom delivery locations
    3. Customer order reviews
    4. Admin users permission management
    5. Coupon system

    Upcoming add-ons

    1. Order receiving app for restaurants
    2. Branded customer app
    3. API endpoints for front-end

    Server Requirements

    1. It should work on PHP 5.3.7 as well, but we strongly advise you NOT to run such old versions of PHP, because of potential security and performance issues.
    2. Mail enabled
    3. Mod_Rewrite module enabled
    4. PDO installed
    5. CURL open

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