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    <section id=”about_timelinexml”>


    Money tracker is an easy solution to keep track of your money.
    It is a general purpose solution, so it can be used to track money in different scenarios from your pocket money to your company's in/out;

    </section> <section id="installation">


    1. Extract the source code.
    2. Find sql file in directory "database" and import it in your database environment.
    3. Change the database credentials in configuration file "database.php" placed in directory "application/config".
            That’s all, Money Tracker should be up and running!  
    For example;

    1. If you are an individual and want to manage your pocket money, Money tracker fits. You 
    can keep record of your expanse and income sources. It automatically calculates your 
    savings. You can see the reports daily/monthly/yearly and can analyze the flow of your 
    expanses to possibly control it next time.

    2. If you are a head of your home and want to use your money in an efficient way, Money 
    tracker fits. You can have an administrator account and create accounts for your 
    wife, servant, children etc. You as a head would be able to see/modify all the 
    expanse/income entries made by them. Other users would be able to see and manage their own 
    entries only. So now there is no need to keep check on your servant or ask him daily :) 
    because you can filter the reports by user/date/paid/received. You can analyze and cut your 
    expanses down easily. You can download reports in excel file.

    3. If you are the owner of a company/organization and want to keep track of your income/expanse 
    made by you and/or your employees, Money tracker is for you. 
    You can have more than one administrator and user account. You can see daily/monthly/yearly 
    reports for expanse/income/savings and can filter by users. Moreover you can download reports 
    in excel file.

    <section id="features">


    1. No programming skills required.
    2. Fully responsive for all devices/screen sizes.
    3. Access from anywhere, from any device.
    4. Multi user support.
    5. Cleaner interface design.
    6. Secure login system with encrypted passwords.
    7. Built on Codeigniter PHP Framework.
    8. MVC pattern.
    9. Income reports.
    10. Expense reports.
    11. User settings.
    12. Currency settings.
    13. Download excel reports.






    <section id="how_to_use">

    How To Use

      There are two types of users:  
    1. Admin
    2. User
      It’s really simple, here is it explained:  

    Step 1: Admin

    Login as administrator

    Step 2: User.

    Login as user


    </section> <section id=”Whatcanyoudo”>

    What can you do with it ?


    • Can add/delete/edit user/administrator
    • Can activate/deactivate user/administrator
    • Can add/delete/edit received/paid entries
    • Can delete/edit entries from other users too
    • Can view reports and summary of expanse/income/savings with graphical representation
    • Can download reports in excel
    • Can manage profile
    • Can change password
    • Can set currency


    • Can add/delete/edit own received/paid entries
    • Can view reports and summary of expanse/income/savings with graphical representation
    • Can download reports in excel
    • Can manage profile
    • Can change password
    • Can set currency




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