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    Rabbit Data Intelligence is a PHP platform to load and show data from several data sources, you can read data from any relational database supported by PHP PDO (SqLite, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), MongoDB Database and others with a little customization.

    The functioning is simple, the Rabbit Data Intelligence reads data periodically from a source of data, stores it in a repository, and makes them available to their Dashboards. That way you can have fast reports and dashboards without the need for constant consultation to the database. If you are developing software and use the Rabbit Data Intelligence to create reports for a user, you will see that access is simple and uncomplicated.

    Rabbit Data Intelligence Mockup

    Of course, to create queries, some technical knowledge is required, but the Rabbit Data Intelligence makes it simpler for you. Their only concern is write the query and create dashboard layout,the Rabbit Data Intelligence cares the rest.

    By default, all data loaded from the data sources are stored in the file system, works like a cache and the Rabbit Data Intelligence not have to always get same data from data source that maybe cannot be available at that time. Usually, using the file system for this purpose is fast enough, especially if you use an SSD drive. But if you want a faster solution, or your disk is not fast enough, or simply you do not have access to the disk, you can choose other alternatives, Rabbit Data Intelligence have a following drivers to write data:

    1. Files (default option)
    2. Leveldb
    3. Memcache
    4. Sqlite
    5. Mongodb Legacy
    6. Mongodb
    7. Predis
    8. Redis
    9. Ssdb

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