Any workaround for printing repeating backgrounds?

We have an HTML page which displays a bunch of pretty bars using divs and repeating backgrounds. We are in the process of making a report out of this that can be printed nicely, but this may take some time because we don’t have a reporting framework in place. As an interm solution we’d like to make the HTML version printable. The background of the divs are the only problem, and they don’t print because of the default setting (which can’t be enabled because the workstations are locked down).

I have found a work around for printing background images, but this doesn’t work when the background needs to be repeated.

Are there any other work arounds which might be able to help? I have also been trying to insert an image inside the dive and stretch it, but this is throwing off all the other relative positions and is proving to be very difficult to fix. I am still looking into this however.

Asked on April 7, 2016 in CSS,   HTML.
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If you can educate your users, there is an option in the print dialog box of IE and Firefox that is labeled something like ‘Include Background Images’ or ‘Print Background Images’

This will include repeating background images.

Answered on April 7, 2016.
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