How can I create an IIS 7 module interface?

I have had many requests come in to a project that I work on, to include an IIS 7 module interface.

Does anybody know of any resources for creating an IIS 7.0 module interface?

I have searched and I have not really found a good article on the basics of how to create an IIS 7.0 module interface.

It can be for any programing article on how to create a module interface for IIS 7.0 (Windows 2008) or IIS 7.5 (Windows 2008 R2).

I found a couple sources, has anybody found anything that is better or more descriptive on the programming side?

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Scroll down to “Step 3 – Creating the Image Copyright UI Module” of this article:

It provides a step-by-step on creating a GUI for configuring a custom IIS 7 module.

Answered on July 2, 2016.
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